A Healthy New Career Arising

Now I am going to tell you how to make money, save money, reduce your taxes for next year, and  prepare to earn lots more money all at the same time.  It doesn’t sound possible, does it?  But it is true, and all it takes is for one to get into one of the fastest growing and healthiest professions in today’s generation, the field of professional fitness and certified personal training.  At this point you might wince and say to yourself, ‘I thought so!  Just another way to get me to spend my money while promising a chance to make some.”  But there is much more to it than just taking the course.

The field of personal fitness training has mushroomed over the past 20 years.  As people become more aware of their individual needs for physical fitness, they begin to seek out specialists who are certified to know how to hone in on individual needs.  The American Council on Exercise (“ACE”) is a non-profit group dedicated to promoting American health and physical activity; it serves as a bridge between the MD and citizen.  And the certification is sought so the consumer can be confident that he or she isn’t giving false or misleading direction.  So how does this lead to saving money?  Pursuit of certification counts as education and career development, so the money spent can qualify for a tax deduction.  And you can save when you pursue that training by using an Ace Fitness program that can lead to the achievement of your certification.  Using a Groupon promo code can assure that you save up to $50 off on the cost of a group fitness certification program.  See how you are saving money while reducing your taxes?  And when you keep in mind the careers open and developing demand for certified fitness program specialists and managers you can quickly see how the money spent today can result in a solid income and bright career tomorrow.

So how do you get aboard this future gravy train?  Try beginning by clicking on one of those ACE Fitness Groupon promo codes and exploring the site to see which area might be of interest to you.  A whole new world lies just beyond that click.